Dreaming Big is Real

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Just sitting here looking at the calendar realizing I’m going to be out of Redding in exactly 16 days!! I am so excited for my future in a new city! It’s like an adventure that my husband and I will get to be experiencing together—yay together again! I can’t wait for our perfect house and my perfect office space/workout room in that little perfect house! So exciting!

We kept talking about making the jump to “just do it” and just move and be together – we were so comfortable that we didn’t ever REALLY commit to any changes — we never REALLY sat down and planned it out either. Well look at us now – still not much of a plan but we’re doing it! We’re going for it and trusting the universe to put us exactly where we need to be! NOTHING EXTRAORDINARY EVER CAME FROM A COMFORT ZONE ANYWAY RIGHT??? Everything will work out, as it always does! I know I’ve said this before but I heard it in one of our team meetings and it’s so true – sometimes you just have to jump and build your wings on the way down! I am so thankful for the recent events that have really helped me get CLEAR on my vision and allowed me to push and motivate myself & realize that being with my husband is way more important than a job and money. Happiness is everything. If you’re not happy, what meaning does anything else even have?

Lifestyle/fitness coaching is my passion and I love how big I smile when I get messages from people saying things like, “I’ve lost ____lbs/inches so far, thank you!” Things like that just make this job SO WORTH IT! The fact that someone is feeling happier and better about themselves blows my mind!! This business is something I have never experienced before but it is truly the best thing that has ever been presented to me and I am not stopping. I want to constantly help people reach their goals! I want to design my life exactly how I want it! I want to travel, I want to visit more of my family more often and be home when my husband is off work. Be able to just up and leave with no notice and take a trip or a vacation. I can work from ANYWHERE with beachbody, I can turn any setting into “my office”—soo WHY NOT? WHY NOT ME? I was sitting on the computer today looking at Greece, Italy, Poland, Czech on the map thinking – I will go to these places. WHY NOT?? Dreaming big is REAL!! You have to make things happen, we all have this opportunity. Do you want to fire your boss and become your own boss?? YOU CAN! Why not?? WHY NOT YOU? Want to Join me, I’m doing it either way!

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