Your Body Transformation and Your Wardrobe

How many of you have ever gone through or are going through, transformations and you’re not used to your new body? You’re not alone. 


Bikini season is fast approaching and I am nervous as heck for it!! I have this whole new body from what I had last year. Literally, I am down 3 sizes in bottoms and a couple sizes in tops and none of my swim suits from last year fit how they are suppose to. Everything is saggy, awkward and not flattering. 


As frustrated as I was when I was overweight, I am now just as frustrated in a brand new way. I feel like I have to re-learn how to dress myself! At times, getting dressed is so foreign and I feel uncomfortable because things don’t quite fit how they are suppose to. I’ve attempted to order a few online and they just don’t fit my body correctly. I’m sitting here raising an eyebrow, thinking I’d rather avoid this altogether, than continue failing at trying to figure it out. 


I have been practically living in a rainbow plethora of stretchy workout pants and shorts for the past 4 months because they are comfortable and actually FIT ME. There I am again clinging to my comfort zone: stretchy pants. 


Although I am proud of how far I have come, I am still adjusting to the change and it is a struggle for me. When your friend tells you she can see your underwear from the front side of your baggy shorts, you know there’s a problem you can’t keep ignoring. Time to get rid of the old, and start searching for the new. 


I’m still searching. I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any suggestions for finding clothes and bikinis to fit my new body? Personal stories? What worked for you?


You will not be able to be your best today until you say goodbye to yesterday.

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