Dreaming Big IS Real

I don’t spend much time in the past, but when I do, it is to measure how far I have come. As I sit here, going through my photos from the beginning when I first became a coach, I am in awe of the process and the journey I have been on!! I still sometimes can’t even believe how far I have come. I don’t even mean just my physical transformation, even though that alone continuously blows me away! But what I really mean is my mental transformation, my mindset and outlook on life.

REWIND to July of 2014 – I was in an unhappy living situation. My husband lived out of town every weekday and some weekends. I bounced from job to job searching for something to fill a void. I went from working at a hospital in the medical records department, to an insurance company in a call center environment, then on to the state of CA in their Department of Housing office. I am not saying those were bad jobs at all. I was very fortunate to have such great jobs that paid well in a smaller town! I am thankful for the learning experiences and people I have met through each of those opportunities, they have helped in shaping me to who I am today.

When I began my career as a lifestyle coach, my own coach, Colleen, asked me what my “why” for doing this was?! I said without hesitation, “I want to get healthy and help people do the same!” She urged me to dig deeper, she said there had to be a deeper reason that I really WANT this, a reason why I would want to pursue building my own health and fitness business — she was right. I almost cried explaining to her how badly I wanted to live with my husband! I was so sick and tired of being physically separated and I longed to be a wife again! I felt like we were living 2 separate lives at times. So my deep personal reason was, “I want to live under the same roof as my husband.” At that time I didn’t know why but I felt like this opportunity would help get me there.

I feel like this business came into my life at just the right time. These big life changes were beginning to happen between my husband and I with getting rid of our house and him being out of town A LOT. They say timing is everything and I truly believe that. I could have fell off the deep end emotionally or even worse turn to alcohol to numb the loneliness but instead I had this newfound community of extremely positive, unique, creative people right at my fingertips whom supported me every step of the way. The awesome thing was, they didn’t even know it. They just were unapologetically them, and that was enough. I was able to stick my nose right into this business and devote just about every single night and day to it. I was able to stay positive in a time when everything around me looked negative!

I talked often about wishing I could quit my 9-5 desk job and do coaching full-time. People told me I was crazy to quit whatever job I was working at the time, and that the job had great retirement and health benefits. Why would I throw that away? SIMPLE. Because I live and breathe this business and lifestyle. I have always gone against the grain. I especially did not want to end up leading a boring unfulfilled life which society often pressures us to do. After all, achieving success is against everything we have ever been taught. I can think back to staying up until 2am a lot of nights working and having to wake up at 7am or earlier some days and get ready for the dreadful 9-5. I often called in sick because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it for one more day! Those times were tough for me! Even when I would be at my other job, all I could think about and talk about was helping people and how I could further my career with the business!

FAST FORWARD 8 months into my career as a lifestyle coach — my husband allowed me to quit my job at the State of CA Department of Housing and moved me down to the Bay with him! A month after that we bought a 5th wheel, planning to full-time RV. I had reached my “WHY” and so much more!! I want to explain to you that this was made possible because of my new and improved mindset. My belief in this business and what it will do for me, my family and our FUTURE! I believe that I can continuously help people and find more people like me that want to be a part of the community and help people achieve their goals!! One day I want to retire my husband! That is one of my BIG goals! So now you may be wondering, what is my new “why”?! Let me tell you!

My new “why” has evolved into being able to create financial freedom for my husband and I. To me financial freedom means: to be credit card debt free, not always living the “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle, no 9-5 weekday grind, being able to enjoy precious limited time on this planet with each other in beautiful places!! I also want to see the world and so does my husband!!! We want to travel and this business WILL allow me to do those things! Why can’t I? I CAN!! You can!! It’s all in our mindset! Change your mind, change your life!!

My 1 year of coaching is coming up quickly! My husband and I have been living together for 3 months officially now! He recognizes my passion for what I do. He is completely supportive of my career choice. It wasn’t always like that, but let’s save that for another time. He has made a huge leap of faith by believing in me and believing in what this business can do for us. I can’t even explain to you guys how it feels to have your significant other understand your journey, share your goals and your visions! I know he knows that I can do this!

I am extremely grateful that I put my fears aside and made the choice to pursue coaching as a career. It is undoubtedly MY THANG! I couldn’t imagine where I would be in life if I hadn’t made that choice. I have an amazing team that keeps me on my toes and inspired daily! Watching people grow and develop into leaders is AMAZING! I have met some of the most passionate people. Just about all of my closest friends, I have met through the community and are also coaches! There is just something magical about this opportunity that perfectly matches you up with people that are just like you! The amount of personal growth I have endured is HUGE, I could talk about that forever but we will also save that for another time. I am excited for the future and what is to come! The possibilities are endless, the sky is really the limit!

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

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