The Only Plan You Need For a Healthy Halloween

It’s that time again! HALLOWEENER. The time where we are surrounded and bombarded by deceptively wrapped little sugary turds! How do you not eat them ALL???? I remember co-workers constantly shoving them in my face, leaving them on my desk and hiding in decorative bowls around every corner. They’re EVERYWHERE!!

There are a few ways we can stay on track with our fitness and health this season that will leave us feeling great!


First, think of your favorite candy (I know you have one). I’ll go first, Candy Corn! You’re probably wondering, “Why Kandace?! Those are the most disgusting ones?!” There’s just something about that little processed sugar corn syrup wax triangle that I can’t say no to.

So now that you’ve thought of your favorite candy, be OKAY with the fact that you are going to have one or two if you want. You don’t HAVE TO. But if you do, eat it, enjoy it and MOVE ON. I have found that when I completely deprive myself of something, I may binge eat said thing at a later time. If I would have just allowed myself one or two we could have avoided the later candy massacre completely.


Stay mindful of your body. Make sure you are eating appropriate meals throughout the days all week. You should be doing this all the time but especially around the Holidays! The worst thing we can do is skip meals and then find ourselves starving and on the blood sugar rollercoaster.

What’s a blood sugar rollercoaster? In Kandace terms: Within four to six hours of your last food intake you can become tired, lethargic, moody and irritable IF you don’t re-fuel in time. By skipping a meal, you aren’t supplying your body with the fuel it needs to run. Your blood sugar levels will drop and you will then experience a shortage of energy. Your brain experiences a fuel shortage! No wonder you would mindlessly go for the candy, right? We are starving, grumpy and craving glucose!!


We can avoid getting off track by meal prepping foods for the week and taking snacks with you when you leave the house. You can even throw some apples, bananas, carrots and nuts as healthy snacks in your purse to help keep things in order. Still find yourself with a sweet tooth from time to time like me?? Then you will love these Halloween candy flavored superfood shakes. Guilt free WIN!

Reece’s Pieces Superfood Shake
1 scoop chocolate superfood
2 tbsp almond butter
2 tbsp local honey
½ C almond milk
½ C water

Snickerdoodle Superfood Shake
1 scoop vanilla superfood
1 C almond milk
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp almond butter
1 tsp honey


What about Halloween parties? This year my husband and I have decided to skip the parties and head out of town for some dirt bike riding! Halloween used to be our favorite holiday. We would throw a HUGE costume party and everyone would get trashed! Not anymore. This year we’re getting our exercise doing something we love while avoiding the chaos!

But if you really want to go, you can stay on track by having your own foods available and still be able to enjoy small amounts of what is there! BOOM.

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