Shit I Cook My Husband


Most of you probably know by now that I hate cooking. My husband likes “variety” and I prefer routine simple meals that yield certain results. (creature of habit, sorry not sorry) Being very aware of how food makes me feel, viewing food as fuel and having 1 less choice to make on a daily basis, suits my health oriented busy lifestyle. My husband on the other hand, works long strenuous hours at times and enjoys the comfort of a nice warm meal at the end of his day, which brings me to my point.

Instead of bitching about how much I hate cooking or how I don’t want to have to get creative with new meals that fiPhoto on 5-31-15 at 12.25 PMt my nutritional needs and fill his belly, I have decided to turn this into a positive learning experience for all to see. I will try to keep the grumpy to a minimum.

Living the full-time RV lifestyle, I could literally utilize ALL of the excuses – no oven, no microwave, not enough space. That would all be bullshit though. So, i’m just being honest, cooking is not something that i’m passionate about and that’s okay! Read more about me + RV living :HERE:

Full Time RV Living


I will be sharing the weekly meals I make for my husband, with how I cook/put my spin on them and to top this whole thing off – his honest review. (lol) Heck, maybe we’ll all learn something together.

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional chef, nor do I aspire to be. However, I will do my personal best to explain each recipe simply and clearly.
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