Dream BIG Then Dream BIGGER

“What you experience today is only temporary. Nothing is permanent; at every moment of your life you have opportunity to change directions.”

As I sit here reading my current personal development book, “Adventures for your Soul“, I ran into an action item at the end of the chapter. It read, What is your ideal life? How would you feel, what would you want to do, what is the environment like, what desires in your heart are freed? Think SPECIFICS.

At first I was just going to skip past it like i’ve always done (I hate homework especially somewhat uncomfortable kind that require deep digging) but the new me was like, “AH HELL NAH, not this time, come on Kandace – you’re reading this for a reason, don’t half ass it. Do the exercise. It is there to HELP you!” *light bulb moment* If I keep doing the same ol’ stuff, I will get the same ol’ results, or lack thereof – right? So I closed my eyes and began envisioning my “ideal life.” dun dun dunnnn

(In case you didn’t get the memo: this is me being vulnerable, sharing with you the desires of my heart – 100% honesty.)

First thought that comes to mind, “You don’t even know what you want right now, how is this going to work.” Pushed that turd aside and recalled a quote from the book. “You may not know what you want, but you always know how you want to feel.” So I began to think about how I truly wanted to feel, I gave myself permission to go there. EEK!

I feel happy, healthy, surrounded by people that uplift me, free of debt, weight lifted off my shoulders, free to do what I please and I feel warm sunshine on my skin… and then my mind wandered to the Roman Coliseum. I lingered there for a moment. Why am I here? Why did I see this? This is a place that has always intrigued me. I want to travel and see grand places, I thought. Letting my heart guide me, I saw myself sticking my big toe into the clear water on a warm beach of the Mediterranean Sea. Where’d that come from?! Cool, i’ll take it. Lastly, a distinct memory came to mind. It was last year, a Monday that Cody was off work, we took a spontaneous trip to a Pacifica, CA. It was one of the best days we’ve ever had.

Specifically, the memory was of us sitting side by side in our low rider beach chairs, umbrella up for shade, feet in the sand, not saying a word. We were both relaxed and IMG_1824staring off into the distance, watching the waves roll in and out. Listening to the calming sounds of the ocean. I remember in that moment thinking – this is how life should be. I looked at him and I knew he was thinking the exact same thought. We were in sync.

This morning, during my meditation, I realized that I have not allowed my mind to think and dream BIG enough lately. I set that damn rev limiter again out of old habit! Through this coaching opportunity I have already accomplished so much. Personal development gains, fitness gains, life long true friend gains, health transformation (mental and physical) that surely I can’t expect to achieve MORE, right? WRONG. *rev limiter removed once again*

I believe as we are brought up in this world, society plays a huge part in keeping our dreams and desires at bay. Our inner light is dimmed. We never have a chance to realize that we can actually achieve what we truly want, deep down inside our souls, because we are taught that it’s only for the “lucky” people, the “special” ones. I’m here to tell you and show you, as proof, that luck plays no part in you crushing your goals and success is not limited, scarce or bias.

I am not perfect. I am not rich in money. I am not the best at the game of life. But I am determined and I do have a vision, a big dream and I want it. I deserve it. Because why the hell not me? Why the hell not you? Who’s to say we don’t deserve to live our best lives? We only get 1 life, 1 go, 1 shot – so why in the world would we spend it, even for 1 second, doing something that doesn’t bring us pure joy?! This is why I don’t do laundry! (kidding) You know what i’m talking about! LIVE YOUR LIFE! “The problem is, we think we have time.”

When I joined this coaching community, I wanted to live with my husband again.
(read full story :HERE:) That was a BIG, scary goal for me just 2 IMG_1853years ago. 2 YEARS AGO!! Reflecting back, it felt nearly impossible, looking from the outside, if I had no belief in the universe – it absolutely looked impossible. I really had no idea how i’d do it, I just knew how I would feel if I could make it happen. Happy! So I set my sails and FORWARD I went.

Now, I want days filled with that exact feeling I had of content and love sitting with my husband free as could be on that beach with our feet in the sand. WHY NOT?!

Through this opportunity as a coach I have been able to transform my current situation. Not by luck – but by realizing (with the help of this amazing community) that I held the power for change. I learned how I could actually take small steps each day that would change the course of my life. IT WAS MY CHOICE. It still is! You have a choice too! Little by little, day by day, one foot in front of the other, I changed direction, and here I am. A wife again living the RV life as a full time health and fitness coach. Fired my boss at the age of 26 and never looked back. I wanted these things, I made up my mind, I never settled – I went after them. If I can do it, so can you. I’m going there regardless and you’re welcome to join me!

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