3 Day Detox Review

My 3 day detox RESULTS are IN!

I lost around 6 lbs give or take since most house scales can’t be trusted. Weight loss was not even on my radar because it’s not my goal or focus. I wasn’t even going to weigh myself, because I never do, but I happened to notice the scale in the bathroom when we got back from our cruise so I said “what the heck” and jumped on. It read 115. Then I decided I would just hop on and see what my scale at home read on the third day of my detox. It read 109. I was SHOCKED and kind of giggled! I didn’t even know I had weight to lose!! But then again, that just goes to show you how bloated I was and probably retaining a lot of water as well.

—>FIRST allow me explain WHY I decided to do a 3 day detox.
As you know I was on a 6 day cruise recently and took about a 12 day vacation. This means I was relatively loose with my nutrition. I ate bigger portions (not following my container system), I had dessert every night (plethora of sorbet flavors), I wasn’t staying as hydrated as i’d prefer and I wasn’t pressing play during that time. This combination left me feeling really bloated, low on energy, in a lethargic type state and overall off from my normal swing of things. If you know me then you know I am a creature of habit and I thrive on my routine!

Can you believe that this type of behavior (vacation style eating) was my normal way of eating before this coaching opportunity? I can’t imagine what my body would look like or more importantly how I would FEEL if I had continued down this path of destruction. I could already tell how negatively it was impacting my mood. All I know is I’ve worked hard to get to where I am, mentally as well as physically. I never want to go back to feeling bad about myself. Thank goodness for this community of support, the nutrition tools and less than 30 min a day at home workouts.

This particular detox is amazing because it comes with ALL of the tools to provide me with the appropriate nutrients so I wasn’t feeling like DEATH. So no – I did not use google or Pinterest to find some bizarre DIY detox that involves some crazy directions created by god knows who that suggests fasting, liquid dieting, drinking gallons of ACV or standing on my head while spinning in circles. (You know what I’m talking about.) I didn’t make this shit up. I invested in my health to ensure I was doing it RIGHT! I am not about half-assing things ESPECIALLY when my well-being is on the line!

During the 3 days of detoxing, I experienced all the normal symptoms such as;
low energy level
occasional irritation
hiccups (from drinking so much water)

-this was my 1st REAL detox
-I ate REAL food (vegan based)
-I saw REAL results

Not really knowing what to expect, I planned out my vegan based meals from my instruction booklet and made sure I had all of the ingredients I had grocery shopped for prior. For breakfast I got to have my delicious chocolate vegan shakeology with some fruit as a side so I was happy about that.

The first supplement was a fiber sweep that you add in a small cup of water and drink relatively quick. I didn’t mind it at all, it had a tangy taste and it was quick and painless. The second supplement (I got this 2x’s a day) is a vanilla powder that I blended with ice, water, vanilla extract and strawberries. I thought it was really good.

I got to snack on fruits and veggies for the day and have a vegan based dinner each night that was dressed up with delicious herbs and spices. (lemon, parsley, cilantro, basil, red wine vinegar) I went to bed at 9:30pm and woke up around 1:30pm the next day. I think it is safe to say I was wiped out from my vacation and my body NEEDED this detox.

The second day is when I had to start telling myself I wasn’t hungry. Because I honestly wasn’t. My stomach never once growled or felt sick, I was just used to eating TOO MUCH food. I had created a bad habit of stuffing my face with whatever whenever. There were times in the afternoon that my mind was trying to talk me into snacking on some nuts or more veggies just because I was bored, but I beat the temptation.

I was comfortable knowing I am on a legitimate plan and doing something GOOD for my body. This was NOT punishment, this was to get me back on track and hep me FEEL rejuvenated. So I decided to make sure I  chugged a ton more water which gave me hiccups. YAY.

I noticed later that evening that a headache was starting to linger. I didn’t take anything for it, I just made sure to get enough rest. This was the day where I began to get a little more grumpy than usual too, poor husband. I went to bed around 9pm feeling exhausted and woke up around 1o:30am the next morning.

Husband and I decided to take our dogs for a walk and I realized the importance of not exercising vigorously during a detox. Consuming a low calorie amount combined with the fact that my body was already doing a lot of interior cleaning didn’t leave me with much extra energy.

I was really excited for day 3 because I was already starting to feel better! Mood was enhancing and bloat was diminishing. I felt like a whole new person! On the 4th day I JUMPED out of bed and pressed play on my new workout program and made a big plate of eggs and sweet potatoes!

This was a huge accomplishment for me to complete something I committed to! Even if it was ONLY 3 days, before this opportunity I was a girl that never committed to ANYTHING. I always quit and let my excuses get the best of me. Proud to say that’s not who I am anymore! (CLICK TO READ MY FULL TRANSFORMATION STORY)

IMG_6647I am beyond happy with the results because I feel AMAZING! The left picture was me Monday morning and the right picture is me on day 3, photoshopped. TOTALLY KIDDING!

Someone actually commented on my photo that I was photoshopped – HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? My results are so good from HOME that people think they’re photoshop quality!!

If you are feeling like you need to hit the reset button and start fresh with a clean slate, or maybe you just want to give this a try because it sounds awesome, i’d love to be your coach! CLICK TO GET STARTED

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