Changing Up My Daily Routine

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

Switching things up starting today! My morning routine wasn’t working for me so my business advisor helped me come up with a plan to get back to being productive in the a.m.

  • ✔ Meditation upon waking (7 minutes today, gotta start somewhere)
  • ✔ Read 10-20 minutes (spiritual journey book + business inspo)
  • ✔ WRITE for 10 mins. 😳 This one was challenging for me.

I told her my excuse, “but I’m the type of person that writes in the moment, like when inspired.” She knows I struggle swimming thorough a sea of thoughts daily and still encouraged me to just sit and write. I told her again, “I’m just NOT feelin it!” (Because it’s uncomfortable – which is growth right? I was resisting!) She said, “write about not feeling it!” Okay.. Well, it worked.

Writing is therapeutic for me. Since I am an introvert I tend to think on scenarios and ideas over and over and OVER in my mind daily. This can be exhausting! Writing helps me dump it all out and process events in a different way. Do you like to write? Do you write better than you speak? Can you form thoughts better on paper than verbally? Maybe you’re an introvert too!

Time to press play on le 30 min at home workout. That is to-do list item #4 😁 Then I’ve got an elite team meeting and my first therapy session! I’m so excited! 😎😍 What an enjoyable “job” this is!



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