Intro Full-Time RV Living!

“Once you need less, you will have more.”

**We are not RV experts by any means and can only speak from personal preference and experience.

February 2015
Thanks to coaching, I fired my boss to work for myself. Moved from Redding, CA to rent a room at a friends house in the bay area for a month, with my husband, as we found our own place. (see how I fired my boss–> HERE)

Initially we had discussed renting a home in order to live together but the rent exceeded $2,000 a month. We just couldn’t justify paying someone else’s mortgage. Especially since I didn’t intend on going back to work for some boss! On top of that, we ran into the pet problem. All the decent housing would not allow our pets or they charged an arm and leg deposit to have them.

For a minute we thought our only options were — we either get rid of our pets or we give up looking?!

Husband started throwing around the idea of buying an RV. When we decided to start looking for one that we could live in, we were SO excited. We told all of our friends and family, we had FINALLY found the solution to our problem!! The response we got surprised us.
“You’re going to hate it”
“Its too small of a space”
“You’re going to fight all of the time”
“You’re going to be stuck in it for 7 years” <– that one was funny, where did that time frame even come from?! AND GOOD, maybe thats what we want to do!

I believe it is at the utmost importance that YOU do what YOU want to do in life. After all, you are the only one that has to live with it. The less fucks you give, the happier you will be. Nam sayin’?

Realizing that others were projecting their fears onto us, we pushed forward and continued to shop around. Unless we were willing to be in the same position as we were before, broke, but together this time and keep both of our pets – the RV life seemed to be the only option.

March 2015
Once we became determined to chase this crazy idea, my husband did a lot of searching online – finding what would suit our lifestyle best. He checked craigslist often for new listings, looking locally and in different states. We came across one located in Sacramento, Ca. It was previously owned by an elderly gentleman and was in pristine condition, within our budget as well.

It didn’t take long for the universe to send us exactly what we were looking for. A little less than a month after deciding to go the RV route, we purchased our first home.
A 40’ Holiday Rambler Next Level fifth wheel toy hauler.

We paid $20,000 (financed through our credit union) and our monthly payment is about $400. Definitely better than $2,000+ for rent in someone else’s home!

Prior to the purchase we had a few requirements:

  • a decent sized shower
    (didn’t want to feel like we were in a closet bumping our elbows on the wall)
  • no gold interior hardware
  • no metal exterior
  • at least 2 slides (for max interior space)
  • a garage separated from the living quarter
    (because toys stink and husband needed a man cave to tinker with shit)
  • a toy hauler as we have dirt bikes
  • able to fully walk around the bed on both sides
  • no signs of water seeping in through the seams

April 2015-April 2016
Our first full year in the RV. We realized that we had a ton of STUFF. This RV was packed from floor to ceiling with material items. Not only was all of the storage overflowing, we had an additional storage trailer at my parents house in Redding, Ca full to the brim. I started selling and donating things I no longer had space for. I called it “downsizing” until I realized I was minimizing and shifting toward a minimalistic lifestyle. A story for another time.

The longer I spent in the RV the more I loved it but it didn’t feel like a “home” to me. The color scheme was off, the furniture was uncomfortable and it all felt too temporary for my liking. After some serious convincing of my husband, we began our remodel. I wanted to change EVERYTHING! And so we did…

April 2016-August 2016
After our first year of RV living, it became clear that I didn’t NEED or even WANT a house. The thought of being tied down and stuck in one place no longer sounded appealing. I was always saying how much I loved our little home. My husband was shocked at first. Now we both feel the same, we thoroughly enjoy having less. By having less, we are able to do more. I actually feel anxiety for people who have houses filled with stuff. Our bills have decreased, our connection to each other increased.

We never realized that we would fall in love with this lifestyle. We can’t wait to hit the road full-time!!
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Want tolive inan RV--

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

17 thoughts on “Intro Full-Time RV Living!

  1. Selling our home and buying an RV not a pull one but one you drive, We’re older and figure why the hell not. Are we crazy? Bringing 4 dogs, haven’t had a vacation in years because of dogs ,Too old to put in the kennel, don’t trust anyone to watch them and my daughter is a dog sitter and walker.
    We figure until the money runs out because no one is working, so do maybe then will rent home somewhere we like and poor husband will go back to work. So sht do you think?

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  2. My Husband and I Are thinking about RV living. I’m Really Excited. today we went to go look at RVs. My heart just felt in peace when i step in side. i haven’t felt that in a long time it feels so right. My heart says go for it but my mind says im nuts lol. We also have family thinking we are crazy for think of doing this. We are just so tired of Renting and feeling tide down to things. Its so hard to save money by renting. we want to own something that is ours. it just us and our 2 small dogs. I found your site online it makes me feel like i have hope that we can do this that we are not the only ones that want this life as well thank you for giving me hope

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  3. Happy for you guys !!!! I’d have chosen the same. Never part with out fur babies! No way!!! I’m converted a 1980 school bus into a time home on wheels for the same reasons except my plan is to have a home that will never leak. I’m a little scared about trying to drive it. It’s long and I ran over curbs all the time in Denali :/ practice around some country towns for a while. If your in redding I’d love to talk to you about your coaching! I’m so so happy for you you look happy and healthy. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks long as your making your soul sing!!!! Proud of you !


  4. Good for you! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. It’s so refreshing to see people living there dreams through simplicity. Keep the faith!

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    1. Hey thanks!! Minimalism has been THE BEST decision we’ve made yet! Such a stress-free lifestyle! Way more energy to focus on the things that truly matter, people and experiences!


  5. Kandace,
    So we finally got around to reading ur blog about RV life! We are definitely intrigued. Everything you touched on is exactly how we are feeling especially the part about other people projecting their fears on you! With our move this week I looked at my husband with our completely packed 10×20 storage unit and said “I could be perfectly happy if we sold all of this and just had eachother”. We are wanting to redefine what being “successful” truly means and for us that is cultivating meaningful relationships with those around us and living debt free with financial freedom and plenty of travel!! I have so many questions still but I don’t want to bug you. I am looking forward to your future RV posts!! Thanks for sharing

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    1. I love this comment so much!!!! I can totally relate and I agree with you!! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my story! ❤ I appreciate it!! I hope you pursue your RV life!!!


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