Simple Meditation Practice for Beginners

Honesty is the best policy right? I have a confession: I haven’t been meditating. Actually, I haven’t meditated regularly since after my yoga retreat (months ago). It’s been seriously bothering me so I figured I’d share in hopes of inspiring the other squirrel brains out there to do this with me. #mytribe 

The mind is a muscle that can be strengthened. Meditation helps that tremendously. Our brains are like adolescent children running around wreaking havoc via thought/stories in our minds. Meditating disciplines the mind & makes way for a clear thought process.

If you’re still following As an strong introvert/empath I have an exceptionally overactive mind. For instance – if I’m about to ask my husband a question, my mind goes over EVERY possible outcome and scenario of responses he could have and how I will react/respond/handle every single one of them. (Nucking futs)

When I meditate regularly (each day starting at 5 mins and working my way up), I begin the process of strengthening/disciplining my mind to work FOR ME rather than against me. I begin to develop the muscle that pulls myself back from getting balls deep in these total BS stories.

When I don’t meditate regularly:
-I can’t sleep because my mind won’t shut off.
-I can’t focus very well on completing a task.
-Squirrel brain.
-(my favorite) I have conversations played out in my head and sometimes I make myself upset. OVER NOTHING. LAME.

Just like anything though – working on this takes time and patience. So I’m basically starting over from scratch. Today being the first. It was a pathetic first attempt but at least I started right?! I mean, we all start somewhere. Wanna start with me?

It’s funny because I knew I needed to do this a long time ago (months) but I let it get so out of hand to the point where it’s almost unbearable before I realized OKAY – I can’t live like this anymore, something needs to change.

As a coach, doing personal development daily for over 2 years as a job requirement, I’ve realized that if I want something to change for me – I have to change for it. I’ve also realized it’s okay to admit when you’re wrong and when you’ve failed. I take full responsibility for my lack of self care/love in the mind department and so here I am holding publicly myself accountable.

Here is my current meditation routine:

1. Sit somewhere comfortable. I like to sit on the floor with my legs crossed and a blanket around my shoulders.
2. Set my timer for at least 5 minutes (I work up longer and longer each day)
3. Close eyes and breathe in through nose for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, breathe out of mouth for 5 seconds.
4. Sometimes instead of counting I say a mantra ((in my head)) “so” “hum” which translates to “I am that” for example: in breath “soooooo” out breath “hummmmm” 🙂 Your choice. The counting is my favorite for day time and the mantras are my favorite to say while laying in bed trying to clear the mind and ready self for sleep. (gotta get dat REM sleep for the introvert recharge)

FOCUS on the breathing. If you hear a noise (because life) acknowledge it and move on, bringing your focus back to the breathing/counting. If you start thinking about stuff (like how big your dogs doo was yesterday – it happened) just grab your mind and bring it back to focus on the breathing. You will probably have to do this a lot. I do. It’s NORMAL and you’re not doing it “wrong.” Congratulations, you’re human and YOU CAN DO THIS.

Keep practicing daily tho. Keep me updated with how it’s working for you. Also, if you know something else that helps – please share! 🙂


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