Easy Peanut Butter Cups

These are GF, vegan, NO BAKE, healthier alternative to processed candies/sugars! 🙂 And they’re SUPER SIMPLE! WOO! (I don’t like to get complicated, I’m lazy with foods!)
You’re welcome!

Every month when I am pms-ing I img_9183crave chocolate even more than I normally do! I am a HUGE chocolate lover. Before I took control of my health by becoming a coach I used to wake up and eat CAKE for breakfast! Yikes!! Thankfully I have found Chocolate Vegan Shakeology and successfully replaced my bad habits with a healthier one that allows me to still indulge while getting RESULTS!

–>See my previous chocolate lovers recipe: Easy Chocolate Protein Pancakes!

**Easy NO BAKE Nut Butter Cups (makes 12)
-6 tbsp (1 scooper) chocolate Shakeology powder
(I have heard you can use cacao or maybe some
form of protein powder however I have never tried those personally because I loved these so much)
-4 tbsp coconut oil
-2-3oz nut butter of choice (I use 2 mini packets of Justin’s Almond butter)
(measurements are approx, use your best judgment when mixing/filling cups)

(total time: 30 mins)

1.Heat 2 tbsp of coconut oil in microwave or stovetop and pour into mixing bowl with 2 tbsp (or more if needed) chocolate shakeology powder and mix well.
2. Pour mixture into bottoms of cupcake papers
3. Add a little bit of nut butter in the middle
(I like to heat it up a little bit so it creates a thin layer
– not too much but just enough to taste
4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to cover the nut butter
5. Place in freezer for 10-20 minutes
6. ENJOY throughout PMS week guilt-free!

Want more delicious noms?! -> See my last recipe here: Easy Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Want to start your own health & wellness journey toward a happier you but don’t know where to begin?! I WAS THERE!! Reach out to me! I would love to be a part of your journey!

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