Like Attracts Like

15940984_10154602190067949_7637653183128514728_nCan you believe we didn’t even know each other 3 years ago… This is one of my best friends as well as my business success partner. We both took a crazy chance because we didn’t wanna work for some boss EVER AGAIN. We saw this coaching opportunity as a means to change our current situation and create a life of FREEDOM that we never thought possible and we FREAKIN ran with it.

In committing to our health, personal growth and sharing it ALL via social media – we found each other 😍💕 ((like attracts like)) I couldn’t imagine my life without MY GIRL. She gets me because we are TOTAL like minded badass entrepreneurial BABES to our CORE. We just didn’t know it before coaching.✊🏽❤️ Spiritual gangster AF. She pushes me to be a better version of myself every single day. She calls me out on my BS and holds me accountable AF. She challenges me in ways I never thought a person could. We work together on biz, life and goals weekly via FaceTime!!!

We got to spend 4 days together face to face at a team retreat in FLORIDA and that was AMAZE BALLS! 😍 Grateful AF.

Love this life we’ve created.

All because we said YES to an opportunity, took ACTION, committed to a workout program, daily chocolate shake, staying accountability a challenge group ANND constantly remained coachable and to be REAL with you – just frickin stuck around when shit got hard. Now we being spoiled AF together, celebrating our success within our own businesses at dis retreat yo’ – 3 years later. All the feels. So proud of usssss. If we can do it, SO CAN YOU!! Message me to START.

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