I’m Kandace — health & fitness coach, full-time California RV living — and I’m here to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Join me on this journey towards self-love, all-natural health and personal growth. We got this!

My daily mantra… “Crush this business or work until I f*cking DIE” – I only see one option, how about you?

From a monotonous 9to5 cubicle job, life full of constant stress, crumbling marriage to –> firing my boss, moving out of my hometown to live with my husband (for the first time in a year), full time RV life, traveling across the country…FREEDOM… ALL BECAUSE OF THIS COACHING OPPORTUNITY!

When I first started my business from my bedroom (a room I rented from a friend) I was working another full-time job. I had no idea what I was doing BUT I was determined to take action and figure it out along the way! All I knew was I was not happy with my current situation and I learned that if I took seemingly small actions consistently every day – I could TRANSFORM MY LIFE!

The thought of working for someone else for the rest of my life, doing something I didn’t love, KILLED ME. Having someone control my life schedule forever?! Being constantly held back, having my inner creativity dimmed?! NO THANKS!

The thing I love most about my team, Rising Lotus, is that we all strive to help others achieve their goals and live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. Crazy thing is, this is also part of our job description as a coaches! How awesome is that?! Not only taking the best care of our mind, body, soul BUT paying this gift forward to YOU! That is A JOB!? You bet your @$$ it is!!

Why Rising Lotus tho? The Lotus flower has been chosen to symbolize our journey through this opportunity, through life. Mind, body, soul. The Lotus must grow through the murky pond water before it can emerge and bloom beautifully. This represents the everyday struggles we all face and how we MUST keep pushing forward through the “mud” of life towards our greatest potential and BLOOM. Is what you’re doing today getting you closer to your goals?

I am looking for 5-10 women that I can closely mentor in building their very own life by design! Women who want MORE out of life like me and aren’t afraid to be 100% themselves! Stay weird!! **Must also have a sense of humor 😉

A lifestyle change can be scary, I get it, I was there. You know what’s even scarier? Never pursuing your passion or dreams and waking up one day wondering where the hell your life went!! You’ve waited long enough, join me in creating your life by design. If I can do it, then it CAN be done. Which means — SO CAN YOU. I GOT YOU!


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