The Power is Self-love

“Kandace, tell your inner mean girl to shut the F up!!” -today from my corporate mentor😂✊🏽Ever since I got back from my Florida team retreat (a week ago, but it seems like a lot longer) my inner voice (aka mean girl) has been giving me a hard time. 😐

Telling me things like how I’m a slacker and that I need to get my shit together. Let me tell ya, I got lost in my mind for a minute. I forget to give myself TIME and be patient. I am so not good at patience. Better than I used to be but dang it’s tough when you wanna go from 0to100 but that ish just isn’t realistic. 

I was in a crazy amazing emotional life changing situation surrounded by my people for like a week. 41 people to be exact. And groups are a lot to handle for introverts. Let alone being on a schedule, going places, conversing, trainings, socializing, time zone changes, lack of sleep, working out, eating on a schedule – I was freakin drained. I am JUST NOW kind of starting to feel like me. 😳

I realized that when I got home I went on instant autopilot like fitness + food + reading. I legit finished an entire book my first 2 days back. Controlling the frack out of the controllable. 

I also realized that I wasn’t allowing myself to just “BE” and embrace the struggle. I’ve been resisting. Listening to that inner mean girl give me shit too often. So frustrating. 

One thing that always, always, always helps me get back to me and out of funks is personal development. Ever since I committed to coaching 2.5 years ago this has been an ongoing journey. I pick aspects of my life I want to improve – I read a book coinciding and I apply what I learn. PD has gotten me through some really tough times in life that I otherwise would have crumbled as the old me. So I know I can always count on improving/strengthening my body and mind. 

If you’re familiar with the law of attraction this book is hand in hand. The power is LOVE. So I’m kicking my inner mean girls ass and filling my noggin up with LOVE and inspiration. 

“The mind acts like an enemy for those who don’t control it.”

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