From Unsexy Feels To Confident #GIRLBOSS

Transformation ⓉⓊⒺⓈⒹⒶⓎ ☝🏽️I took the photo on the left to send to my husband as a “sexy pic.” The truth? I never felt sexy about it. I’m not shaming my before body. My family and friends loved me, my husband thought I was sexy then and he thinks I’m sexy now – what’s important is how I felt. 

I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, I never sent him the photo. 😞 It was by some miracle that I didn’t delete it. This is one of the only full bod images I have from before I started my journey toward “getting skinner” – because that’s what society told me was the ideal woman. 😒

After awhile of failed fitness (cuz I thought I could just kill myself via workout to my Dream body while eating poor) My goal turned into becoming more confident, which transformed into learning how to fuel my bod through simple eating and led me to my current journey of mind/body/soul wellness! 

One of my babes, Ahdri, from #teamrisinglotus mentioned “screw getting the Dream body and find your REAL body.” I love this so much because I was the girl that would spend hours at night on Instagram/Pinterest saving photos for “inspiration” of my “dream body” but they were ALWAYS super unrealistic long torso fitness model bodies. I am 5’2″ and my torso is short AF. There’s no way in heck I could ever reach the “goal” I had set for myself. A repetitive plan for failure.

Confidence comes as a byproduct of self-love. The photo on the right is how I look when I am self-aware, eating with a plan, training with a purpose. I just made some changes to my daily routine. 

What I’ve learned through this coaching opportunity is that 1- we are all capable of change if we do the work 2- we can do hard SHIT and 3- we all have our own best version of ourselves to discover along the way. Every body is different.

Some of us are curvy, boney, super tall, super short – the point is, instead of wasting so much time wishing you were just like someone else (like old kandace did) be excited because you have yet to discover the best version of you and I bet she’s pretty damn amazing! We all start somewhere. ✊🏽💕 Together is better. I can help you START

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