Gluten Free Sweet Kale Salad

DIY: How to make salad  at home not suck. Because nobody likes chomping leaves. This is my favorite healthy dinner that’s super easy to throw together. I pretty much have it EVERY night. I get this bug Costco size Sweet kale salad bag and then add lots of fun goodies in proper portions. YES, I use the containers every day. That’s how I get (and keep) physical results.


•2.5 green sweet kale salad (mix of kale, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts)

•.5 green radish sprouts & kale micro greens (you can use any micro greens or sprouts)

•.5 purple tangerine slices

•1 purple dried cranberries (not literally the whole container – just like 4 tbsp-ish because the sugar content is so high in dried fruit, so I count less as more to be safe )

•1 red 2 hard boiled eggs

•1 blue which is 12 almonds

•1 orange sunflower  and pumpkin seeds

*Dressing remix: I used a little plain balsamic mixed with the GF poppyseed dressing that comes with this bag.  If I counted it, it would be like 1 orange (ish)… Which is 1 more than my daily plan says but hey 80/20 right?!

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