Crush This Biz or Work Until I Die

This coaching business has been THE HARDEST thing I’ve ever done but also, THE MOST rewarding thing! ⓇⒺⒶⓁ ⓉⒶⓁⓀ: I have to be honest about the tough times! Otherwise when you tell me you want me to mentor YOU in building your own biz in 2 years to live YOUR dream life, just like I did – you’re not blindsided by the HARD WORK, the ups and downs REQUIRED TO SUCCEED right!?? I’ve got your back.

I actually didn’t even want to talk about this – I always worry that by sharing how HARD I’ve worked – I would scare away people. BUT it wouldn’t be fair of me to pretend like every single day is easy. I’m HUMAN and building my dream life is REAL WORK. What’s worth the prize is always worth the fight, yeah? So you gotta know – if you wanna join my#teamrisinglotus and live your dream life being the BEST YOU – WE GOTTA WORK.

For the past month and a half I have been CHANGING the way I do EVERYTHING in my business. If you’re like me then change is SUPER UNSEXY and can be scary ((at first))! It feels like idk wtf I’m doing, like a fish out of water — But we can’t get better if we don’t adapt and grow! It’s necessary for improvement. Just like daily personal growth. So I keep telling myself, “it’s okay, you got this! You can do hard shit.” Kind of like I did when I became a new coach, committed to MY FIRST home fitness program and eating plan!

I’ve been dealing with A LOT of discomfort. (Because I’m learning all new ways to help people BETTER) It’s like I’ve got the rug ripped out from underneath me and now I’m reorganizing everything to make it more efficient. I realized for some time now that what I was doing wasn’t working (messages were getting missed, I was forgetting to respond to some of you) I ignored the opportunity for growth. I’m embarrassed to say that. Which means – I was failing in helping SO MANY PEOPLE.

Today was a WIN tho (and it’s even not ovaa). I feel like I haven’t had a “win” day in my biz for a little while now. So that makes me happy. I’ve checked my first *BIG STEP* off my to-do list, pressed play on my workout, eating plan has been on point, PD book has been read and laundry is happenin. Progress not perfection right?! You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to START.

Healthiest I’ve ever been, my own boss, ability to work from anywhere #laptoplife, travels the world, knows self-love (for the first time) and confidence (also for the first time). Grateful heart!! I’m not special – I just dove in, became a sponge and I take direction really well STILL (aka remained teachable/coachable) You can totally do that. WHY NOT YOU?! LET ME GUIDE YOU!!



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