Dream Life via Unconventional JOB

Didn’t wanna leave bed to go to work, so I didn’t. I used to fantasize about this “dream life” where I didn’t have to drag my butt out of my comfy bed to put on uncomfortable clothes, to sit in a cubicle, behind an uncomfortable desk, being blasted by obnoxious people interaction all day. Putting on an extrovert act to the max. “but that’s just how life is and everybody else is doing it so I have to.”

Today as I sit here, just finishing up a 1:1 call with a babe that’s rocking her new business (with lil ol’ me as her mentor ) I can’t help but have a full heart.

As a coach I have been able to lead the most unconventional life possible and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. It always bothered me living a life with this idea that there was only ONE path – you get a job you don’t love because you have to pay the bills and you struggle. NO Now, thanks to this opportunity, I live in a freakin RV ((with le’ husband and dogs)), I work from my laptop or phone HELPING PEOPLE become happier and healthier.

I woke up and didn’t wanna get out of bed. So I didn’t. I make the rules. BUT I have goals and I feel good when I’m taking action on them so I brought my work to me. I mean, I like to be lazy, but who says I can’t be a productive lazy?!

I’m just a girl that didn’t wanna live life according to anyone’s rules. I took a chance 2.5 years ago in bettering my health/mind/body and committed to sharing the journey 100% via social media. I saw this business as an opportunity to change my life – I remained coachable and trusted the process. Even when it was scary, I heard no a million times and totally felt lost. I kept pushing forward.

If I had to choose all over again to either stay the same where I was in that “ideal job with good retirement benefits” or THIS FREEDOM of controlling my life schedule (even knowing all the long hours and hard work I’ve put in) I’d choose this a million times again. Imagine where your life would be if you just STARTED today!? I can help!!! I kind of know what I’m doing. Build your life by your OWN design! –> CLICK HERE TO START


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