Welp, here we go again! Day 0/21 public accountability photo. I just shared this in my accountability group too. I could say “I’m still out of town, with family, I don’t have my weights, I didn’t bring my Nikes, it’s too cold here (it’s freezing and snowing when the sun  is out – DAFUQ?!) and it’s not convenient so I’ll wait until Tuesday.” But like, this is life and it doesn’t wait for ish. No more excuses from this girl. NOT NO MO like THE OLD ME

Look at my belly. I didn’t workout for 2 days and I ate lots of things… Mostly healthy(ish), lots of salt, but in NO moderation. Hahah. What’s crazy tho I used to eat like this all the time, minus the healthy(ish) part and I felt bloated/uncomfortable as my “norm.”

Good thing my accountability group starts TOMORROW cuz I’m about to get back on track by committing to 30 min home workouts, daily superfood chocolate shake, simple af eating plan  and logging my daily activity in our challenge. It’s time to get serious for this bikini bod.

I’m just taking a quick break from responding to my apps – sharing my accountability publicly (so I don’t weenie out) – while I simultaneously watch amovie with my aunt and mom. FRACKIN LOVE THIS “JOB.” (I responded back to EVERYONE via email so far)

I am overjoyed at how many babes want to commit to building up their self-confidence while getting healthy af beside me. Team work makes the dream work.

You can still join us tho (it’s not too late – I’m a procrastinator so I get it) fill out dis app to start:
NOTE: I do my best to get back to everyone within 24 hours!

Following suit of my accountability group babes already —> I set myself up for success and laid out my workout clothes AND I’m setting my alarm to wake me before we go have our girls day tomorrow. YAAS. Let’s do disss.


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