I used to FORCE my body into outfits that were too small – then spend the entire time tugging and pulling at it. Instead of focusing on the event or having fun I’d be obsessing… My stomach always bloated, sticking out. Making sure my underwear were pulled up high enough to suck in my love handles. Keep da hands on the hips. Don’t smash arms against sides because then they look huge. Don’t sit wrong because then legs would look huge and cellulite would scream. Don’t stand wrong because then thighs looked disproportionate to body. Wearing someone else’s hair because mine was so unhealthy due to lack of nutrients and bleach it NEVER grew.

So many insecurities how could I ever enjoy anything?! Sometimes I’d get so frustrated with “getting ready” and not liking what I saw in the mirror that I didn’t even want to go. Sometimes I’d just be like F it – whatever with a pissed off attitude.

I went to the store the other day to burn time before I got rid of my car and I saw this red bodysuit that I thought was awesome. Told myself “you couldn’t wear that” – it’s crazy because my mind ((on occasion)) still treats me like I am that old Kandace with my old body/thinking. BUT I was like wait – why can’t I?

I work hard and I love the shape of my body now. I have reshaped my problem areas with my simple AF eating plan and daily home workouts – WHY CAN’T I?! I CAN.

I was telling my girl Hali the other day that I’m so sick of just picking out “safe” clothes that the old me lived in. Plain t shirts and shorts. Don’t get me wrong – love those for chill times but I checked in my closet and that’s like 99% of it.

I was like whoah – it actually fits me COMFORTABLY because I’m confident with a body I’ve BUILT. Bought it, duh.

I used to go into fitting rooms and HATE everything. Leaving empty handed like “No mom, nothing fit right…” I’d say “they just don’t make sizes right anymore..” 🙄 Now I go in like “OMG MOM, everything fits?!” She’s like “AWESOME – imma buy this pile for you and you buy that pile.” 😂😭

❤️❤️ These are the kinds of feels I help other babes achieve! We deserve it. ❤️💕 Don’t hesitate to reach out, lets START. bit.ly/ContactKandace 👋🏽👩🏼‍💻👀

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