Reiki, Sacral Chakra, Carnelian

Have you ever done Reiki?! I had my FIRST ever 🙌🏽 session!!! (on Monday by my girl Maggie) At first I wasn’t sure how it would be or how I would feel but I’m really happy we did it. I learned a lot. She sent lots of good healing energies 💫to my bunk knee and checked out all my chakras. Everything was good and pretty much open except we found that my sacral chakra is out of alignment/blocked. 🕉

The sacral chakra has to do with emotions, creativity, well-being, sexuality and some other feels. I can def see how my creativity was lacking the last couple weeks and I def did feel like my emotions were out of whack.

I am so grateful that this babe I met initially on Poshmark took the time to love on me energetically. (she is a badass challenger too in my accountability group crushin it) 💜We’re going to do a second session this Tuesday.

In the meantime I’m working on healing that chakra. Ways to open this chakra: Practice emotional catharsis: screaming (EW, introvert no like that one😂) jumping, singing, laughing DONE✔️meditating with crystals like orange carnelian (pictured), calcite, amber, jasper. Express yourself artistically DONE with photos/videos ✔️✔️ huff some Aromatherapy oils such as orange, bergamot, neroli.

So excited for this journey and round 2 ✌🏽of my next Reiki. 💫Super grateful for this coaching opportunity / always connecting me with amazing new babes 👭💫 that bring something super special into my life that I wouldn’t have tried/experienced otherwise!! Freakin obsessed with new experiences that benefit my well-being. 🙌🏽😘 💫💕

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