Glutened via *virgin* BLOODY MARY

Hi, 👋🏽 this is Khaleesi 🐶and I’m glutened. It’s kinda like being sorta drunk but more silly/stupid & confusion, sometimes slurring happens. I also get super sleepy and a foggy brain. Occasionally HIGH levels of irritability. Basically I just wanna sleep hardcore. Usually I’m pretty careful to steer clear but husby made me a virgin Bloody Mary this evening and halfway through I felt “funny” like a mega sleepy derp. 😴Told husband “I’m REALLY tired” – he’s like “Y THO?!” 🤔 Idk? Dirtbike riding? Checked the label of the drank mixture tho cuz I was curious and found that it contains wheat/gluten.🙄 Gluten is SO SNEAKY. I’ve found that it’s usually associated with soy&wheat unless the item is otherwise labeled “gluten free.” It’s ridiculous how sensitive I am to it and super grateful to be aware now. Even the slightest hint makes my brain feel “off” 😳 What’s crazy is that I use to live everyday without a clue as to why I always felt like dog doo… eating everything being a major grumpy jerk always tired – before beginning my wellness journey as a coach like 3 years ago. Food affects us SO MUCH, like on the cellular level. Especially us highly sensitive peeps. The only way I’ve ever counteracted these dump feels via gluten is with high amounts of caffeine (back in the day before I knew why I felt like that I’d just think I was always sleepy and needed a major boost but then I couldn’t sleep at night) but now when it happens I know immediately and I just have to wait it out. Usually sleep it off then I feel better the next day. Unless anybody else has found something that works for them on getting it out of our systems quicker?!


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