Travel JITTERS!!

Tomorrow I hop on a PLANE✈️ to Louisiana. My THIRD year of stuffing way too much in 2 suitcases to travel across the country for a coaching conference. 😭💕 I am so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that my introvert brain could EXPLODE. I can’t wait to see MY PEOPLE. Plus, I’ve always wanted to travel 🌍 for work…

I expected it to be like super lame biz meetings in suits learning about shit I didn’t care about or something. I was cool with that cuz at least I’d get to see new places. I never imagined the travel would be intertwined with making my LIFE better and the lives of others as a coach. 😭😭😭 DAFUQ IS THIS DREAM LIFE !? 💕💕💕

I keep telling myself (in my head 😬) “don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out – overwhelm is a choice – you are excited – the increased heart rate is excitement!”

I’ve worked so hard over the past 3 years to master my mindset that I am really good at not getting frazzled about the hectic times as I normally would have (freaking out and being passive aggressive Butthole to my husband) BUT I am still a work in progress on showing/expressing emotion.
I feel so much ish that I go into like monotone mode. 😐

This trip I’m telling myself its okay to feel, it’s okay to physically express your internal feeling – even tho as a strong introvert I hate that stuff. Ew. 😝 Like when people scream when they’re excited 😂 that’s so weird to me. I tell my husband every time we’re in a crowd and people yell “that makes me uncomfortable” 😂 simply because I express everything on the inside. HAHA. Sooo weird but true. 🤓

So pardon me if my brain is all over the place for the next week or two. You’re gonna be getting blasted with lots of ish on what coaching is all about cuz it changed my life like 180 100% that it’s nowwwww my mission to HELP other babes that wanted MORE build their own dream lives by their own design and through this opportunity is howwwww. 😭💕💕💕❤️❤️ ALL DA LOVE


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