Poolside babe squad workout

Poolside group 👭workout 2 of 2 done ✔️😏💪🏽 Amazing time crushing physical fitness 🏋🏼‍♀️surrounded by these babes this morning. We decided an outdoor 🌲workout would be fun even though the sun ☀️ was blaring at 10am. Propped up the iPad 📱and let the trainer lead the way. We did a core focused workout and man we were PUSHIN 🙌🏽💪🏽 It was a challenge but nobody quit. PROUD AF! Some of these babes followed me for 2 years before they decided to jump in and crush life beside me. 😱Thankful AF I never stopped sharing my journey. 😭💕 Day by day we’re all pushing to be the best versions of ourselves TOGETHA. Sometimes it’s really friggin crazy to think that if I hadn’t continued to share my journey ((even when it was scary)) I wouldn’t have met these women and we wouldn’t be standing here together. I’d be in some cubicle office job complaining about life while my husband was gone all week – wishin things were different. If I hadn’t continued to SHOW UP even when I thought nobody would wanna join me… The huge af loving + supportive community we’ve created wouldn’t exist.🙄 Through daily workouts, personal growth, superfood shakes, clean eating plans – I’ve learned how to not only get the results I deserve but cultivate an immense confidence within myself in who I am and what I stand for – I love myself for the first time — coaching gives me a means to pay what I’ve learned FORWARD through life’s trials, struggles and all those good feels to women just like Sara, Brittany, Kyli and Jenn. We chatted business, social media, life, babies, all da thangs in the pool post workout. This is “my job” ?! Freakin love this life I’ve created and stoked to be creating it for others that want MORE just like I did 3 years ago. 💕😭❤️what are you waiting for?! This is yo sign 💕ⓛⓘⓝⓚ bit.ly/ContactKandace to start

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