I looked at my girl and said, *smirking AF* after the artist was done. 😂😂Maybe to you it’s just ink on skin but to us it’s MUCH MORE. It represents growth, confidence, overcoming serious obstacles, determination, self-love…it’s a daily reminder of how we’ve struggle and always pushed forward. How we CAN do hard shit. That we are worth the effort. Every. Damn. Day. A little reminder that there’s a tribe of other badass women behind us celebrating never quitting on themselves.. lives changed. Ours included.

“Don’t get a tattoo you can’t hide, you’ll never get a job.” “It’s not professional” Well EXCUSE ME, the meaning of life is more than having some job that dictates who you should be and what you should do with your own body just cuz it’s paying your bills. BE YOU. 100% – Do what you love and the rest falls into place. I’ve learned that the hard way. 😏

I love expressing parts of me via body modifications. It happens to REALLY bug me at the thought of being forced to hide it. Ewe. Like putting on an act to be some sort of person at a job then going home and being completely different. Wouldn’t that be weird?! Like living a lie.

It felt really awesome just being FREEEEE like “hey let’s get matching lotus tattoos to represent our growth and journey thus far together.” Didn’t even ask anyone’s opinion like the old me woulda.

We thought back to when we used to care about so much about what others thought and how much it swayed our decisions or influenced us that we wouldn’t even really do what we wanted because we’d be so diluted in the fears of others.

I’ve always wanted tattoos in very obvious places to represent me. I’m not a huge costume jewelry fan – I much prefer art with meaning. I think they are beautiful and I’m VERY into symbolism. One of the first things I did when I got the balls as a new coach was tattoo my hand and my forearm. Everybody told me not to. NO RAGRETS. Then I tattooed my shoulder with a big ass mandala. ✌🏽👽

GRATEFUL AF for How freeing it is today to be confident in who we are and know what we want. We were SO SURE. No fearful minds. Thanks daily personal growth. 💕❤️ Love this life.👭❤️ Find your tribe… LOVE EM HARD. Side note: totally came home and showed my mom FIRST before anyone (not sure how she was gonna react) and she LOVED IT. Mom approved 😂✌🏽 WINNING.
🔥💫 bit.ly/kandacesjourney


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