Not always PRETTY, but ALWAYS r.e.a.l.

I’ve been crying on and off all day… I slept until 12:30. (Jet leg✈️ + mega introvert recharge🔋) my heart💞 is so full of gratitude and love for what I am blessed to be a part of and do for others – as a coach. I miss my people SO HARD today. It was weird not to wake up and see them. Not just because they’re my friends, they’re like family, they are the people that I have had standing beside me, struggling, pushing me FORWARD, when I’ve done the hardest shit of my life, the people I’ve grown beside and developed into the confident strong woman and leader I am today. Without my tribe I’d be nothin. Actually, I’d just be that girl struggling from day to day never living up to her fullest potential… those days were painful AF. Knowing I was meant for more but never doing anything about it. So I am here, home sweet rv home – just allowing myself to BE and process my feelings, FEEL the feelings and learn from this experience. Reflection and gratitude are life. And this picture isn’t me faking it, I was actually sobbing in bed this afternoon reliving the memories of being THE REAL ME with my people over and over – and that unbelievable moment of being celebrated ON STAGE in front of 10’s of thousands of eyeballs 👀… grateful af for those that invested in themselves and made it to this event beside me. I left a piece of my heart in that city. 💞💞

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