Comfort zone BREACH (moto anxiety)

Old me woulda QUIT and missed this 600 to 3,800 elevation VIEW.  Sunday dirt adventures to hang glider hill with my man. 👭💕We rode 25.8 miles around shasta OHV. We were talking about how rough the terrain is here. I told him I never really considered how difficult it was because it’s all I know.

So if we woulda went into riding with me thinking “this is really difficult terrain kandace” I probably woulda struggled. But because my husband is constantly telling me “you can totally do this it’s no big deal” I don’t view it as such. I spoke with a woman rider who asked me where I ride and when I told her, the response was surprise and “WOW that’s rough out there.”

I’m super grateful my husband has so much confidence & belief in my capability. He doesn’t treat me “like a girl.” Which pushes me to challenge myself harder.

Now whenever we ride other locations I’ll be even better because I’m used to this gnarly shit. 😂✊🏽

I won’t lie though I struggle with anxiety and I felt my heart about to beat out of my chest like a hundred times. The hill climbs were INTENSE. Not only hella steep but jagged, loose rock. But I did it. 👊🏽Proud. Comfort zone breached like 303839 times today.

Before coaching I used to be super anxious and always let it STOP ME from challenging myself. If we aren’t challenging and stepping out of the comfort zones we never learn and grow. I’ve grown so much confidence in myself over the past 3 years. Confidence to try new things and grow and learn from the failures/mistakes. Not giving up even after I crash and can’t walk for 3 weeks. 😅Got right back up and learnt from my mistakes.

I told Cody “I had super high anxiety on these trails but I didn’t quit. I felt the feels and did it anyways. I think most people feel anxiety, get paralyzed with FEAR – when they really just need to PUSH ON. That’s how confidence is built.”

Through this coaching journey I’ve learned so much about changing my thoughts- there was a lot of internal “it’s fine” “you can make it’s” happenin. My old thinking pattern was “I CANT do that” and I’d quit before I even TRIED or if something got “hard.” 😏🙌🏽😘💜 P.S. this is GREAT introvert recharge activity.

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