Sharing IS Caring!

blang, blang🏅😎 SO PROUD of my girl Krista! When she chose me as her coach (biz mentor👩🏼‍💻) she was so uncertain, just thinking a discount on her shake would be cool.. save dollas cuz budgeting – not actually “work” as a coach or anything… but as she got into her own wellness journey she realized she could legit change her life if she HELPED others experience good health + happiness.

I KNEW she could do this without a doubt, her story was so unique and it moved me. NOW, she shares it RELENTLESSLY and it has impacted SO MANY babes in a huge way. She decided to ACTUALLY GO FOR IT 😭😭❤️❤️when I was a new coach I thought nobody would be inspired by me… and now, because she doesn’t quit or give up when shit gets hard or LIFE happens, she is SUCCESSFUL AF and she has a badass successful tribe of her own. OMG. They help people change their lives the same way we both started. Fitness + nutrition + support = RESULTS. So proud!!! 👭👭

She became a possibility thinker! She wanted to quit her part time job so she could actually SEE her family. Her husband and her worked opposite schedules so they never had any quality time.

THIS BABE has worked SO HARD on herself and helping others that her “wishes” became her reality. Now we’re both full time coaches #thatnobosslife, here in NEW ORLEANS together being celebrated with fancy medals 🏅🎖and endless recognition for OUR hard work! NOTHING makes me more proud than seeing women just frickin GO FOR IT.

She didn’t have a plan she just knew she NEEDED to be with her family and she made it happen! We RUN FAST. Together. 👭💕 That’s what this biz is all about, running beside each other being the BEST versions of ourselves and building our dream lives one day at a time. And it’s more than just business tho, we’ve grown SO MUCH as a team – we have this special strong AF friendship that is a HUGE mfkn bonus. Bff’s. GRATEFUL AF.

January we were in FLORIDA celebrating our success together, now we here. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes us next girl. 👭💕 If you’re still reading this — it’s for a REASON! Reach out! Here to share the success. ❤️❤️❤️

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