Holy F*#k!! THIS IS MY TRIBE!! 

#teamrisinglotus 😭💞👭ALL of these people have some sense of higher LOVE, light, health, happiness in THEIR LIVES because I said YES. (And they work FREAKIN HARD on constantly improving) 😭😭 I can’t even process that!! HUGE. DEAL. My first year as a coach I came to this event as a coach.. now I come to this event AS A LEADER. All because I said YES to an opportunity to IMPROVE MYSELF, MY LIFE. Said YES to just freakin STARTING. No clue what I was doing. NO CLUE about building a business. These babes are here beside me failing forward, growing, becoming happier, healthier and MORE CONFIDENT individuals. They have teams of their own!!! TOGETHER We help SO MANY PEOPLE. TOGETHER We give love and receive love!! All because I just JUMPED IN and built MY wings on the way down. I go first. I do HARD SHIT to show my babes WE ARE STRONG AF TOGETHER. All the feels right now you guys. I can’t even believe when I first stared coaching I didn’t think anyone would wanna do this with me. BUT LIKE we get paid to be better people and that trickles down into every aspect of our lives ESPECIALLY our relationships with the ones we LOVE MOST – who Dafuq wouldn’t wanna do this ?!? Words can’t even express how surreal this feels. AMAZING. Introvert overload. Because I show up everyday for myself – through the good and bad – SHARE IT ALL transparently, I have inspired other like minded badasses to do THE SAME in their own lives. #proudAF You gonna be here next year with us?! 😍💞💋 here to HELP – FO REAL. bit.ly/JoinTeamRisingLotus

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