Celebrate the WINS

Celebrating today as a WIN ✊🏽faced some challenges, showed myself what I was really made of. Hustle. Sometimes the universe is just like, “how bad do you REALLY want this dream Kandace?” 😎BAD. I’ll choose controlling my own life schedule from my RV home office over the cube life every day. Which means I’ve gotta do hard shit especially when I don’t feel like it. Knocked out my biz to do list👩🏼‍💻📱💌✔️stood in line at the DMV 🙀to get some class A paperwork for hubs and our title for our motorcycle✔️ did laundry (loathe)✔️ shipped poshmark sales✔️ I told ya, the only way out is THROUGH. 😌 Pretty jazzed that when shit gets hard I’ve got people around me that push me HARDER to dig deep. 👭💞 Confidence gains galore. My future self is gonna be thankful AF I didn’t slack off just cuz I didn’t “feel like it.” 😘 My home workout trainer always says, “when you wanna quit, do 3 more.” Well that kind of felt like today – when I wanted to slack, I nutted up and did ALL THE THINGS. 🙌🏽✔️😭❤️

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