Tuesday Universe Vibes

Every Tuesday is team call night where 👭💕the Rising Lotus tribe makes biz👩🏼‍💻 a priority. No matter what we’re doing, wearing, not wearing 👖👚– we show up 📱💻with an open mind ready for inspiration, to learn biz tips, life lessons, relate and get ideas.💡

Tonight was really special to me because we got to hear from a man I look up to in this biz named Brad. He co-led my first EVER training sesh when I was a brand new coach 3 years ago. He’s known me since DAY 1. Today, He spoke on GRATITUDE. 😌🙌🏽

👉🏽Depression, anxiety, anger (negativity) cannot coexist where there’s gratitude. He instructed us to think about one of the hardest times of our lives 🤢then immediately had us remember one of the happiest moments in our life. He asked us to stay there for awhile with our eyes closed… REALLY remember how grateful we are for it. ((All da feels)) 🙄

I totally cried😭 as I was recalling this moment of pure bliss where Cody and I were snorkeling🐠🌴, TOTAL FREE SPIRITS, in the Bahamas’s last year on our yearly coach success trip🛳. He PROVED that the negative feelings we had were no longer present when we were sitting in gratitude for that happy moment — he was right. The sadness vanished and love💕 appeared.

As a strong introvert + high achiever, naturally I attract the same types of babes👭to me.😅 I realized that what he was telling us is EXACTLY what we ALL needed to hear right now in this moment. Thank you universe 🙌🏽💫 As I peeped 👀around at my team, I could tell it was just as powerful of a message to them too. Not only to remind us to FEEL THE FEELS but to 👉🏽Focus on the gratitude and everything else (the undesirable shit) falls away. That’s what’s most important anyways right?!

He also touched on not associating our self-worth with goals/achievements. Huge deal for my team. We really pride ourselves on doing the best we possibly can in life and biz that we forget to stop and celebrate the small stuff.💕❤️🙌🏽

Lessons learned, many light bulb💡moments had. Grateful AF to be apart of a community/have a JOB that shares ALL THE SUCCESS TIPS, reminds us to be grateful for our lives, the people IN THEM and to keep on giving. 💕❤️ bit.ly/LetsDoDisss


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