#humpday transformation

🍑People be like, “you have a bubble butt” “your ass is eating your bottoms” – not compliments👎🏽 – “it doesn’t count because the bottoms on the right are a better cut” REALLY? 😑My legs, hips and booty are my “problem” areas. Bottoms NEVER used to fit me right. My ass crack was ALWAYS hanging out, cutting into my love handles and the legs on my pants were too tight!! Anytime I started to gain a little weight it went straight to the bottom half of my body. Being super short – that made things pretty awkward. So then I’d be like, “GUESS I BETTER EAT LESS” 😭😭what!??

I remember on the left taking this photo at Lake Tahoe next to my friend tryna get one of those cute “from the back” bikini pose pictures I saw on Pinterest. Had my husband take a few, as soon as I saw them “O M G is THAT what I look like?!? Barf, delete!” 🙅🏼 This happened to also be when I was like working out at the gym and shit. Like actually being serious about my fitness. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Never quite getting the results I wanted tho. Too much work, not enough progress = quit.

I’m not shaming myself before I’m just saying it’s OKAY to NOT SETTLE. It’s OKAY to want MORE. I wanted to look in the mirror and be like DAMN 🔥🔥 – I was sick of always being disappointed by my reflection, clothes, pictures.. we all deserve to FEEL 🔥🔥

I learned with the proper EATING/FOOD & support system of babes to stay accountable – I could actually begin to shape my body the way I want it.

Honestly, I’m not where I wanna be today and I feel vulnerable AF showing these pics but this is real life. I’m PROUD and pretty amazed that I’ve been able to get results like this from home! 3 years later I STILL see progress. Now it’s my turn to help babes that are just like me FEEL AWESOME TOO.

If you’re tired of guessing, doing random shit for little to no result – I FEEL YOU. That was the story of my freakin life. Annoying AF. But not no mo. It’s not complicated, we follow the PLAN, EAT real food and we actually see👀 legit results the first go round. 💁🏼💫I’m DYING to celebrate progress in the RIGHT direction with my ❤️Self-Love SQUAD❤️ this month! I’m always here to help😘🙌🏽 HMU to ⓈⓉⒶⓇⓉ I gotchu bit.ly/LetsDoDisss


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