Internet FRIENDS are da best friends

We met ON DA INTERWEBS 😍📱🕸This badass girlboss babe and I crushed our home fitness 🏋🏼‍♀️💻cardio sesh together this evening. 😍👭The workout was intense AF. We were sweating balls side by side. 😅 It was cool cuz when I’d wanna slow down she’d start pushing so I’d push and vice versa. ALL DA ENERGY. 💫🙌🏽 Got to see her adorable home, meet her 4 adorable doggies, her fiancé.. we Nerded out SO HARD – on stones, crystals, tie dye and sage. She even gave me some white sage to burn in my RV home and an amethyst point to sleep with for dreaming and all da good good feels. We researched my zodiac, planets and which stones/crystals correlate. What’s crazy is a ton of purple stuff came up. Seriously tho – meeting people that I 100% vibe with that GET ME, accept me for me, are weird 👽👽 just like me and freakin appreciate the heck outta me is MY JOB!?😍😭Grateful AF for the opportunity to find my people, the ability to love them HARD and pay forward this awesome thing called self love via this coaching opportunity. ❤️😍😘 p.s. This sports bra came with a set of boobs 😂😂


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