Thankful to be able to work 👩🏼‍💻from this RV home. 😌🙌🏽 Last nights team call was EVERYTHING🔥. I co led speaking with one of my biz partners Cait and we went back and fourth sharing our knowledge on the things that work for us. (We vibe hard, we basically share the same brain) one of things she said that stuck out to me the most was to “own your ugly” and I added “make your mess your message” 😳what that mean tho?
Basically from my perspective, we live in a society that encourages people to go to extremes for keeping things secret. Things you’ve experienced in your life that maybe weren’t your proudest moments or most enjoyable. I stated I disagree with this extreme “personal business” thing. I disagree with not being open because hiding things like this cultivates SHAME. You guys know me, I’m an open book – and so is my girl.
This is where owning your ugly comes in – once you claim your past and just OWN IT like yeah that was me but here I am now frickin awesome – it’s liberating and empowering.
My girl went on to explain that those things don’t define us! They were just a part of our story and there are lessons to learn. Here’s the “mess”.. Those lessons are the things that HELP other people relate, grow, change, connect, FEEL HUMAN.
😭❤️How cool is it that my job as a coach is to HELP people own their life, not let the past define them and REWRITE their stories into whatever / whomever they wanna be now??? Words can’t even express the feels for that. We get to help others set themselves FREE, step into their power, learn how to share the MESSAGE in the mess and HELP SET OTHERS FREE. ❤️
If you’re over there hiding things you’re not proud of, we’ve all been there ❤️ you don’t have to let it define you. You can learn the lesson and GROW. You’re not a bad person, you’re human AF. Always here to help ❤️
Community is the BIGGEST reason I wanted to be part of coaching. Times like THIS with extreme SUPPORT are exactly what I imagined myself doing with others just like me. 😭❤️💕 I’m blabbering but if you relate at all – you’re not alone. We love EVERYONE no matter what. And when you share/process YOUR STORY to help others do the same – we love you even harder. Reach out 💯

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