I HAD To Change

I wanted things to change for me, so I had to change. No better feelin than being up before the sun and have your workout crushed with like 8 other babes 👀👀doing theirs. Last night I was sick of my shit. I needed HELP. Since it’s pms week fitness is a HUGE uplifter of mood and energy. NO WAY I’d do it if I had to leave the house. “Work smarter not harder” 🤷🏼‍♀️👩🏼‍💻📱I reached out to my girls that had a morning workout accountability group and asked if I could join?? 🙋🏼 Of course they said “yes you can sweat with us” because the support within this community is NEVER-ENDING. It was so cool being able to push hard watching others push too. Talk about accountability. 🔥🔥I wanted my attitude to change for me so I had to change for it. Do you see? I had to change. I made a different choice – I got a different result. That’s the same way I got started 3 years ago. Recognized the choices I had been making were digging me deeper and deeper in a hole. Decided to make different ones that would SERVE me. Home fitness💪🏽, simple eating plan🍴, daily superfood meal 🌱instead of empty AF energy drinks and staying accountable to my support groups. 😭💕❤️ life changing! Now the tone for my day is set 💯🌈and I can be more productive in getting my babes set up for our oct 9 accountability group, run the errands, clean the rv home cuz I have a guest from the east coast coming ANNND I’m heading to Tahoe for an exclusive coach sleepover with all my BFF’s 😭😭❤️❤️❤️love this life. You can ALWAYS join ussss. 📱🙋🏼 freakin reach TF out. 👀👀💋

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