“Work” on a Thursday be like: comfy couch instead of awkward office chair 🙌🏽, reading books 📚that make me a better person, snuggled under a blanket with my ride or die 🐶 girl, Gixxer! “jick-sir” (yes, like the streebike) ❤️😂hahaha. “Get a real job” 😏 I used to think a “job” was something to LOATHE. I didn’t see it ANY other way. Doing something I loved + earning a living through it just never seemed “realistic.” 🤷🏼‍♀️ Plus I was surrounded by DREAM KILLAS. ✊🏽💀
I went to college (quit after a semester), went through all sorts of jobs like retail, insurance, health care, office secretary, cubicle grind… NOTHING “fit” me. When I found coaching I was like YOUUUU. 🤗😍 🏋🏼‍♀️Workout from HOME, drink a top notch 🌱shake, eat real🍴food, read good books, make BFFs 💕👭, get RESULTS🔥, FEEL EFFIN AMAZING👑 + WORK HARD on me + help other people do the same? Call it A “job”?! YUP. Doin THAT. “Is this real life”?😂 built this biz next to my 40 hour grind that didn’t “fit” ME ✊🏽until I could QUIT the boss life. 👀😱
That’s why I work so hard NOW. STILL. I’m not 🙅🏼going back where I don’t “fit.” 💯 So even tho 5:30am wake up time is taking me a min to get use to, it’s better than being chained to a life sucking desk job killing my inner light. 🤖I’ve actually felt like a BETTER PERSON, more accomplished with MORE DAY – it feels like someone took all of my introvert brain thoughts and threw them in a blender tho… 😂BUT WE IN DISS cuz we “Badass Bitches👑
Back when I HAD TO get up early to work for a boss, I would just be late… super late. 💀now that I don’t HAVE TO (cuz I’m da boss) I do it and don’t complain cuz I actually LOVE the “job.” 🤷🏼‍♀️Who am I?!
It’s such a game changer in the LIFE ENJOYMENT department when you get to call the shots rather than feeling FORCED to do shit you don’t care about. 💃🏼This is the type of “FREEDOM” I’ve built over the past 3 years and CONTINUE to build. 🙌🏽💋Freedom to CHOOSE + controlling your own gah damn life schedule. And because of this coaching opportunity, it’s the freedom I help others create too😭 grateful AF 💕 Don’t tell me I’m inspiring and do nothing. This isn’t a showboat / I’m here to HELP YOU. #duh Reach TF out 💋💌👑

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