I get overstimulated easily in unfamiliar places. My brain works a mile a minute trying to process everything 👀through its 🐢introvert 📽analyzing 📻system. 😂 Feels like I extroverted my balls off and got drunk but I don’t drink and it was just lunch😭🤷🏼‍♀️🥗I had WINS tho!👇🏽
I applied the lesson I learned via personal growth book about “time management” so I was actually ON TIME (*cough*early*cough*) FOR ONCE. 😎see my IG story!
I kept asking myself why are you so drained RN?! We walked across the campus from her office to the food court area and there was so much to see. 👀 Art sculptures, beautiful architecture 😍, greenery galore 🌲🌳🌿🍃, people on people on people🚶🏽🚶🏼‍♀️I was getting the gist of like a million different conversations/feels.
Sometimes I’m like “why can’t I just be *normal* and not notice EVERYTHING: body movements, gestures, tones, eyes, absorbing energy. Frickin analyzing everything like a gah damn ROBOT. 🤖BUT I couldn’t imagine not having my eyes wide TF open. 👁so.. #infj
I’ve got this other book I’m reading about introversion (my fav subject to study) and she be like, “it’s OKAY to go within yourself and let the words float by you” easier said than done. Cuz when I listen… I LISTEN. HARD. Care too much. Think TOO DEEP. 🤓
Met someone new today. Me to me: “Shake her hand. Not for too long. Strong hand. Look her in the eye. Smile. Courtesy laugh. Don’t say awkward shit. GTFO of there.” As I’m leaving, me to me: “OMG why did you say THAT?” 😂
So I blew my batteries 🔋🔋the F out – but I made an A+ eating choice at lunch ✊🏽. Build your own salad with all veggies and a GF honey mustard + a bubbly cranberry kombucha cuz 80/20. Eating plan on point cuz I’m a “badass bitch👑” accountable to MY GROUP. OMG I even got complimented on my RESULTS from the past 10 days of following the PLAN. I felt so good and SO PROUD of my body! 😭💕 Home fitness programs on POINT.📱🏋🏼‍♀️
I ALMOST tried to weasel out of this lunch date tho.. cuz I am true introvert to MY CORE. 🐢But as humans we alll NEED connection, intro or not. AND there IS such thing as TOO MUCH alone time.😂🙌🏽 Progress not perfect right?? STAY WEIRD🖖🏽 + grow together: bit.ly/LetDoDisss

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