“I wanna be a coach but I don’t wanna be salesy..”

“I wanna be a coach but I don’t wanna be salesy..” PERFECT! 😍💃🏼We cannot build this business cranking out sales🙅🏼 anyways! So NOT the point. We have to legitimately HELP people by getting ourselves in line ⒻⒾⓇⓈⓉ and leading the way. 🏃🏼‍♀️🔥 We SHOW UP everyday via social media as we become our BEST selves sharing what works. 💡 (That’s a job tho?) YUP! Beats my 8 hours in a cubicle entering data into a computer answering phones ANY DAY. 🙏🏽😍💕 and I can do it from my RV home office. Mentoring coaches 👭💻1:1, nerding 🤓out on marketing 📸🎥strategy, nailing down BIG monthly goals, listening to trainings, responding to the love in my inbox 💌📱👩🏼‍💻People wanna improve the quality of their lives through simplified 🏋🏼‍♀️fitness, 🍴food, personal growth📚 and the support of like-minded 👭💕women just like I’ve done! And we get to call THAT a “job”?! I’ve spent the last 3 years transforming my life (I’m just getting started) through this opportunity and dedicated my days to helping OTHER WOMEN do the same, some have even become my BEST friends. Some even help OTHER WOMEN do the same 😍👭💕 So don’t worry – I will NEVER make you stockpile your house with inventory that you’d be stuck with if you can’t “sell” it BARF👗👚💄💍 #notmystyle, go door🚪to door🚪(hell nah #awkward) or have product parties with a bunch of random guests in your own homes🏡 – I KNOW introverts aren’t down for that 😂😂😂. All I ask is that you COMMIT to a journey of being the best version of yourself🏋🏼‍♀️🌱📚🍽, show up every day – ESPECIALLY when it’s not convenient or easy 🙏🏽 (promise it’s worth it💯) and document 📝the journey via social media. 🤳🏼💻📱 How cool is this job tho?!? 💃🏼💃🏼

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