RV Paint Remodel

We’re remodeling our RV home 😍on a ⓈⓊⓃⒹⒶⓎ mornin’, lattes ☕️in hand – instead of saying BYE 👋🏽to each other for the ENTIRE WEEK. 💔Sundays used to give me HUGE anxiety. I’d cry on my drive back to my rented room in someone else’s home leaving my husband in his room. 😫Grateful AF for this coaching opportunity. Husband and wife QT on POINT 💃🏼e 😍 SO EXCITED for thissss to brighten up the place!!
–>Read our previous RV BLOG here: “5th Wheel RV Modern Floor Remodel


Before & *αfтєя* 🎨Rest day from my home fitness program… but if you’ve ever spent time painting above your own head you know it’s definitely a workout HAH omg arms so sore RN 😂🏋🏼‍♀️I told hubs I really wasn’t diggin the blue grey walls we had for my social media 📱based biz.. I’m SUPER visual👀 but the color didn’t inspire me AT ALL and I work from home👩🏼‍💻 SOOOO… it totally matters to me. You feel me?? OH and it didn’t photograph to my preference 😝LOL 👫💕husband knows how to make me happy AF – totally down to go pick out a new lighter wall color to open up the space. Spent all day painting with me. He says, “this is quality time right?” HHaha. We’ve been talking about our love languages again a lot more to each other. We got lazy there for awhile. Always a work in progress. Anyways this color is called “Grey Sanctuary” 😍 LERVE.

–>Stay tuned for our next RV UPDATE

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