Couch Potato to “dedicated”

Dance 💃🏼moves fancy AF 👌🏽‼️∂edicate∂, ∂etermine∂, ¢ommitte∂. 3 words I NEVER expected to be often used by others when describing ME. I was the lazy girl. The couch potato. The “fitness isn’t my thing” girl… 😳 old me used to say I’d do something.. until it got uncomfortable, difficult or out of my comfort zone (which was basically everything at one point ever) – then I’d QUIT. I never even felt bad about quitting because I had SO MANY EXCUSES to justify to myself why quitting was the best choice. I had such a convincing BS story that even I believed it. 😳 That was who I was, it was all I knew. But not no mo! BIG CHANGES. Yo girl has been UP at 5:30am for over a MONTH 😍#likaboss, 6am *live* digital💻📱 workout accountability 💕👭group from my living room for a week now #likeaboss and now that I took 9 day progress photos (a few posts ago) and SEE 👀actual CHANGES яєѕυℓтѕ from following THE PLAN I’m IN DIS even HARDER. 🏃🏼‍♀️🔥 I’d never sit here and brag, BARF. And #rudeAF cuz we’re all capable of rocking our lives and I’d never share how I’ve changed without telling you HOWWW so you can with me. #duh cuz I’m a nice coach like that. 😻👩🏼‍💻No special tricks 👻🎃Just need to be hooked up with the right tools like I was 3 years ago. 30 min home fitness, simple af eating plan 🍴, replace a bad habit with a plant based nutrient dense superfood shake 🌱,stay account to me and my group of like minded BABES that will shower you with allada LOVE! 💕😘 I’m just saying if you want things to change for you, you’ve gotta change and I can helllp. I know what it’s like to have NO CLUE where to start. Wanna FEEL SEXY but look in the mirror like 🤢👹👺HAHAHA. Been there. 😂😂😘Run with me?? 🏃🏼‍♀️🔥🔥 3 months left of THIS YEAR 😱 don’t let it get away. I know how I’m gonna feel on Jan 1st, you can too 👌🏽😻💃🏼💪🏽🌱💥💫🌈 Trust me or nah?

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