Long Distance NO MO #ALLTHEBED

нυѕвαи∂🤵🏽 left for an out of town job and 🎶here I go – again, on. my. OWWNNN.🎶 *in this cozy AF second hand lulu sweater I snagged for α STEAL* 😍🙏🏽 😂😂JK, 👽🖖🏽I’m good cuz distance makes the heart 💜grow fonder ((NOW)) since we actually ℓινє under the SAME ROOF 😏😘 it’s not AS depressing as it used to be. OH and ALLTHEBED 😍😍😍 mine mine mine BAHAHHAHA. You feel me?? Don’t lie 😝😝 Sent him away 👋🏽with a belly full of spicy spaghetti 🌶🍝and chicken apple sausage PLUS 2✌🏽lunches for him and his coworker 😬 I ran out of ice❄️ (rv problems🚋) so dinner is 🌱 SMOOTHIE AF RN for meeee 🍒🍌Too much fruit for the day tho 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 whoops. Progress not perfection 80/20 👀👽🙏🏽Running hot laps 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🔥through this RV – excited to go see my family in Redding tomorrow and maybe cuz I sipped some of Cody’s espresso 💁🏼☕️he made before leaving on his travels 😂😂#stayweird к? 😘🖖🏽

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