Day 13/21 bumbum🍑⚡️Saturday α¢¢συитαвιℓιту ✔️ Mom and I pressed play (started our day off with MOVEMENT 😍). I woke like me to me: “maybe today be rest day?” 😂😂 HAHAHA and I was like NAHH kandace stop, checked in with my LEVEL UP group and saw some girls CRUSHIN IT 📱👩🏼‍💻🔥💃🏼 so I decided that I’m gonna make mom do it with me. Peeped 👀 in her room and she was awake so I mixed us up pre workout ⚡️and we handled our bizz. I’m like “come on mom it’s ONLY 30 minutes” as if I wasn’t the one who needed the push HAHAHAH 😝📱💕proud of us. Now we gonna go have brunch 🍴🍳🍓and spiced chai espressos ☕️! 😍🙌🏽💃🏼QUALITY TIME love language happening all ova da place. We’re even coordinating matching outfits. Why wouldn’t ya??

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