A few years ago when I was a new coach (still working 40 hours for a boss) I got hired at Blue Shield full time in a customer service call center cubicle. ☠️ (had to pay the bills doing what needed to be done to get where I wanted to go) I remember being super up front with them like “HEY, I’ve got a prior commitment to my other job to be in a weekly meeting every Wednesday at this time.” 👌🏽😎
Most people get into this biz and they make the mistake of not taking it seriously -so it never rewards them in a serious way. Then they’re like “this business doesn’t work.” ERM NO. Not yo girl and her tribe of badass babes tho. 😝We say we want change and we actually DO THE WORK starting with ourselves 👭💕Home fitness🏋🏼‍♀️, simple eating plans🍴,daily superfood 🌱shake, staying accountable to each other. 🖖🏽💕👭
From day 1 I’ve been serious. FO REAL cuz Changing your own LIFE while helping others change theirs is SERIOUS ISH. 👏🏽Even when everybody made fun of me for being an online health and fitness coach.🏋🏼‍♀️📱👩🏼‍💻😏#hatersgonnahate HONESTLY THO, I knew this non conventional “job” could give me that “MORE” life a typical 9to5 couldn’t (FREEDOM) so I kept on SHOWING UP. No matter what anybody said. Don’t regret it. #jokesonthem
Every ωє∂иєѕ∂αу for the past 3 yrs, no matter where I’m at, I make time to вє тнєяє for my people. We CONNECT, share biz 👩🏼‍💻tips,💡ideas, success stories, celebrate and love on others for simply being themselves. 😍
What was really special about tonight’s team call tho 😭OMG -2 badass babes that are newer coaches from my team (who SHOW UP and take their biz and themselves SERIOUSLY) got to share their stories on how they’ve recently built their own successful businesses. Pretty amazing when the little birdies leave the nest 😍SO PROUD. I know they were both super nervous to SPEAK but they totally OWNED it and are conquering their fears😭
💖 The coolest part about this job is paying confidence forward to other babes willing to do things differently, improve, change, grow and live a BETTER LIFE. Oh and if you show up, stay consistent and treat it like a business – it’s gonna act like one. 💃🏼I AM a business mentor, I CAN help you change the course of YOUR life. My life is PROOF. 💃🏼αℓωαуѕ нєяє тσ нєℓρ 💌


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