Empath Intro Vibes

Equally as strange 👽, as we are deep thinkers 😂😝QT with my fellow empath introvert girl today. If you’re gonna be weird, together is better right??👽👭💕Friends that just “get you” 💯, no matter what weird thoughts you share, they just understand your ways (and your heart) are MY FAV! 🤗💖 I don’t have to pretend to be anybody but meeeee! What a RELIEF.
I used to work all my other jobs and feel like I had to be this certain way. Fit in a box of who I *should* be. I always felt like I was out of place for a lot of my life. Being a strong introvert kid is hard when you don’t know that there’s nothing wrong with you just because you’re not as externally expressive as everyone else. 😶Now, I realize I hadn’t connected with anybody who is just like me. You ever feel like you’re an “odd man out”?? Was the story of my life. Now I collect all the best friends. 🤗😍😂
One of my FAV things about coaching is THE PEOPLE that are purposely brought into my life via universal guidance 🙏🏽💫 all because I show up, share my self-love journey on social media and help other women learn to love themselves beside me.
💖💕Today was really special. We were both feelin a little sleepy but we decided to do a bonus ab workout 🏋🏼‍♀️in addition to the one we did at 6am cuz we got goals! It was only 20 minutes. LOTS OF LAUGHS. We had cold ☕️brews, salads🥗, superfood shakes🌱 and read into the meaning of dreams. SO COOL. 😍
💕🙏🏽 I always value our time together because she just gets me in ways I can’t explain.
We talk about meaningful thoughts, ideas, creative outlets, adventures, travels… never other people, drama or anything old Kandace was into.. WHICH IS SUPER IMPORTANT to me 😭😭💖💖Feels so good to have such strong bonds with empowered women I’m growing right beside, GOING PLACES with. 💖💫🙏🏽 Stronger every day girl. Proud of ussss.

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