Hump Day

нαρρу нυмρ🐪 ∂αу 17/21🍑public accountability👀✔️ I text my 6αм gяσυρ this morning like IMMA SLEEP IN к ℓσνє уσυ вує 😂 I never realized how much I love living in a quiet peaceful RV home community until I spend a few nights in a neighborhood and everybody is loud and everything wakes me up. 😂😝Got some needed rest then took the workout outside to my parents back yard. I love outdoor workouts!! So nice and cool. Love that everything I do is mobile AF – no excuses happenin 📱💻😍☀️ I never regret starting my day with movement. Feelin all sorts of off being out of my “typical” routine but I’m still making sure to do what I know works. Follow da plan, get da results. I’m OVERLY enthused to take my 21 day photos of disss booty. Spent way too long feeling like I couldn’t make any difference back there but I’m trusting the process and things are happening. 🤷🏼‍♀️💃🏼 Didn’t even use my new tattoo as an excuse to not workout these past few days cuz I can’t wear a sports bra or “sweat”. 👌🏽Hahaha. GOALS.

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