Sloppy Drunk

нαℓℓσωєєи🎃 was ALWAYS an excuse for me to get extremely shmammered🍺🍸 and “escape reality.” It always ended with me actin a straight FOOL, yelling profanities at friends, sloppy drunk, while completely uncomfortable in my own skin – tugging at all sides of my costume. The night on the left ended with me puking my brains out in my own bathroom sink and then I puked on my bed. REAL COOL. 😐ALWAYS sick and hungover the whole next day (maybe 2). Alcohol never agreed with me but it’s what everybody did.. I was introvert AF and never knew what that meant (just always thought there was something wrong with me) I’d use it as a crutch to extrovert HARD aka be loud and obnoxious.
After a lot of required daily personal growth to be a successful coach, I now know that’s so NOT me. I’m quiet and a deep thinker. No shame. Dat facial expression on the left tho. 💀Who is that girl?? Lost AF.
New me be like: 2.5+ yrs sober AF✊🏽, drinking my supershake🌱 in this kickass skull cup my mom gifted🎁 me (she knows I LOVE skulls and gift giving is her love💖 language) fueling 🍴this bod with things that make me FEEL GOOD, confident🔥 and actually HAPPY with what I see👀 in the mirror.
REAL TALK: I think about this all da time in regards to societal norms and my problem with that. 😂😂Anybody else think it’s STRANGE nobody ever said anything when I got super drunk and posted pics about it all over social media.. but as soon as I got super healthy and worked out from home daily (shared it to HELP people + build a better life) lotsa people had something to say about it and some even made fun of me? 🤷🏼‍♀️ DAFUQ. How backwards right?! Just sayin, sometimes choosing what’s not convenient is TOUGH but it’s worth it. Promise 🤞🏽and you don’t have to do it alone. I gotchu. 💕👭
Anyway 💁🏼 I know what it’s like to be super uncomfortable and feel STUCK or lost. Been there. I just wanted to feel good and BE HAPPY – I didn’t even know I’d become a confident woman in the process. Grateful AF. Now it’s my JOB as a coach 👩🏼‍💻to help other babes see👀 RESULTS and FEEL AMAZING🔥🔥. яєα¢н συт💌, yes 👉🏽you. 💋αℓωαуѕ нєяє тσ нєℓρ, ⓢⓔⓡⓘⓞⓤⓢⓛⓨ ℓєтѕ gєт яєѕυℓтѕ💃🏼

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