Coffee Shop Office

fяι∂αуѕ used to be anxiety 😭filled as I stared👀at my car 🚗from cubicle window, dying to CLOCK OUT at 5pm, leave town hella fast to travel 👉🏽2.5 hours to see my husband 👨🏽for 1 full day a week. ONE DAY. 💔Relationship was in DISTRESS. Now Friday is for anxiety free last min coach dates. QT with man happenin ALL this week. Crazy how much can change in 2 yrs when you do things different each day.
💕👭My girl Britt and I decided to take our mobile 📱offices to our fav local coffee shop this a.m. 👩🏼‍💻👩🏼‍💻for ginger, cayenne 🌶, lemon 🍋 shots (∂συвℓєѕ) to continue to fight off these colds. 😜Food is medicine.
I’m so behind with my inbox 💌. If we’re being honest– I don’t like to have half ass convos, I take my job seriously, so I gotta get me 💯 before I can pour into others. Prob my fav thing about this job – is that everything we do starts with taking care of US first, self-love (mental, physical, emotional), THEN we share what WORKS and pay all the good feels forward. Not like any “job” I’ve ever had before. BUT I’m making progress. 😍💌🙏🏽 Thank you for loving me anyways.
Freakin stoked that my main focus for today is to HELP babes ѕтαят their own journey toward increased happiness, confidence and health. 😭💕 This job thoooo. I’m comin for youuu. 👀👀Perfect timing cuz my next accountability 🏋🏼‍♀️🔥👭💕🌱 group ѕтαятѕ Nov. 13th. We got time for dat 😂👍🏽
I LOVE me some strong women that realize there’s only 2 months left of THE YEAR😱 and wanna end it strong💪🏽 beside me as their best selves. I mean we’re all gonna get some results in da waistline this holiday season why not get some on purpose that we actually LOOOVE and feel good about. Hahaha. We still get to enjoy the holidays. #duh I just don’t want us to feel behind on Jan 1st like old Kandace use to. 😜👍🏽 We got disss.
Oh and I get to draw the WINNER 🥇of the new Nikes 👟 from last month’s accountability group today 😍😍😭😭 So excited to reward hard work. I’m here to helllpppp. Don’t let 2018 sneak up on you like WHAAA?! Where did the time goo?? I hated that feeling of disappointment year after year. We deserve better. уσυ ¢αи αℓωαуѕ ʝσιи υѕѕѕ 💌

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