Dirty Dancing

I’m яєαℓℓу lucky the results come from my 🌱supershake and eating plan 🍴cuz I SUCK at dancing. 😭😂💃🏼 OMG so I took a hip hop dirty dance class last Friday. In a STUDIO with other people. 👀 Yeah you’d never know. Total fail. HAHA. So uncomfortable and WAY out of my comfort zone 🙊 but that’s growth right?! HAHA. During today’s workout🏋🏼‍♀️ (while I was dancing like an absolute fool) I laughed at myself and thought, “I can’t even believe I can get these good of results while doing this kind of funky ass shit in my living room.” 😂😂💃🏼💃🏼 FO REAL THO. JK. Eating plan on point 80/20. 😜🌱Still sickish, got up at 5:45am even tho I didn’t wanna cuz who does?! HAHAHA #goalhard , pressed play with my morning accountability group via laptop 💪🏽Sweatin it outttt 💃🏼via dork ass cardio dancing. If this mess can do it so can yewwww. #flexfridayday 28 or 29/30 I think. 🙊🙊✔️✔️

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