Rv Living With DOGS

Rv 🚋 +fitness🏋🏼‍♀️ +dogs🐶🐶?! Could you imagine having to think about your dog DYING – in the back of your head every day while you tryna WORK??! I used to feel SO GUILTY and constantly worry about my husky escaping or someone leaving his kennel gate open and me finding out my little dog got hit by a car on the busy street because she isn’t as visible. That stressed me TF out like every.single.day. Maybe you understand, it was ROUGH.
People message me saying “an RV is no place for a big dog” and I completely disagree. You wanna know something sad?? Before I became a full time coach my dogs had to sit in a 10×10 crappy (literally 💩) kennel outside SOMEONE ELSES HOME where I rented A ROOM for 8+ hours a day while I was at my cubicle job. THAT is no place for any dog.
Everybody always asks me how the dogs do?? They’re REALLY good. Lots of people in the park have big dogs and huskies, German shepherds.. If I need to do a workout they have spots☝🏽 where they lay (so they don’t get hurt) until I’m done. They know my routine pretty well. 😁 In my personal opinion* your dog is as good as you’ve trained them to be. 😌
But for real, they aren’t weirded out unless we move the slides in then Totes, husky, acts like the worlds coming to an end. 😂 Drama queen 👑They’re just as happy and grateful as we are to have our own HOME (with us) for once. They have toys, beds and get to be even closer to me 24-7 👀👀since I work primarily from home. 👩🏼‍💻
Now we just over here doin a group workout like 💃🏼🐶💪🏽 haha. Dogs be like, “THANKS MOM for never quitting your biz when it got weird and uncomfortable or you felt LOST.” Ha ha 😎Igotchu.
She weighs like 14 lbs and we were doing ab roll ups. Heaviest weight I’ve used yet. HA. Team work. ✊🏽Together is better right? P.s. Day 30/30 accountability 😻✔️ The only thing that kept me doing my workout today was my accountability group. The little self sabotage voice in my head was like “you don’t have to do it, it’s Saturday and you’re sick.” I ALMOST listened until I checked in with my group. 😁👍🏽 So grateful for this community always pushing me to BE BETTER. уσυ ¢αи αℓωαуѕ ʝσιи υѕ

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