Didn’t Want to Get Up FOR LIFE

мσи∂αу’ѕ used to mean: anxiety and discomfort. Every weekday prior to coaching, I’d hit SNOOZE on my alarm because I just DIDN’T wanna get up for my own LIFE. I used to wish I could FAST FORWARD my weekdays to the weekend. That’d be A LOT of life not LIVED. 😭I just wasn’t happy!! UNFULFILLED AF.
I used to lay in bed every morning telling myself “I don’t want to get up THIS SUCKS.” Maybe you can relate? I just know something HAD TO CHANGE! Every. Single. Day. I felt my inner light 💡dim a little bit more. It made me depressed. I KNEW I didn’t wanna keep doing this for another 40 years – but I felt STUCK.
I quit college after 1 semester because I didn’t have a direction. I was trying to just get through the basics.. LOST AF in this world. What’s my purpose?? Introverts feel me, we need a deeper MEANING. 🙌🏽 We can’t just clock in and sit behind a desk every day doing the same monotonous ish.
People would ask me “what do you wanna do for a career? What are you interested in?” *id answer with* “I LOVE to take photos!!” “Oh you can’t do that, it’s not realistic and you’d NEVER make money.” So many years of being verbally beat down I stopped having DREAMS and I settled for whatever job I could get that paid the bills. Sound familiar?
I learned that if I settled for a job that JUST paid the bills then that’s ALL it will ever do. That thought terrified me.
Through coaching and daily personal development I’ve learned how to DREAM again and then with the appropriate guidance, tools and hard work, turn that dream into MY REALITY. Sounds kinda crazy when I type it but it’s my truth. I see what I want and I go after it. My “job” makes it POSSIBLE + gives me MORE LIFE. Not less. 😭💕
Today I started my moon cycle. Because of coaching I was able to take care of me first AND do my job of helping others. I even spent extra long bonding sessions taking the pups🐶🐶 for separate walks. May not seem like a big deal to you, but TODAY is exactly the type of FREEDOM I had always DREAMED I could have but never thought possible. Grateful AF. αℓωαуѕ нєяє тσ нєℓρ💕


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